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Time, Triangles, Trapezoids

This is a 
music and math lesson plan, which incorporates literacy as well. 
As a result of this lessons, students will be able to:
1)  tap and say the 2 against 3 rhythm pattern
2)  make a trapazoid shape using the five triangle manipulatives
3)  identify the shape and sound of a bowed psaltery and 
     hammered dulcimer
4)  sing "French Folk Song"
5)  violinists will play "French Folk Song"
6)  produce a sound from a psaltery and dulcimer if instruments are 

Bass to Face

This is a 
music and science lesson plan.  
As a result of this lessons, students will be able to:
1)  compare a string bass to the violin and other string instruments
2)  feel the vibration of a bass using hands or face
3)  make a hypothesis as to the decibel reading of a bass 
4)  use a sound meter 
5)  conclude that the pitch of a bass is low due to its large size
6)  produce a sound from the bass

Shoo Fly

This is a 
music and American history lesson plan, which incorporatesart and dance as well.  
As a result of this lessons, students will be able to:
1)  sing, dance, play the song Shoo Fly
2)  demonstrate the ABA form
3)  color 
4)  create own visual pattern
Click here to hear Shoo Fly with vocals.
Click here for accompaniment only.
These students are demonstrating a star dance formation to go along with the song Shoo Fly.
star:  ABA:  

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