Bethany Edmondson Scholarship Fund

The Bethany Edmondson Scholarship Fund

      Bethany Sarah Edmondson
        May 2, 1984-April 2, 2004       
    Many of you kind folks are inquiring as to what you can do to express your feelings. ~ 

        Donations may be made to the Bethany Edmondson Scholarship Fund to help further the education of High School Seniors who have been accepted at a college, university, or conservatory. The scholarship will be sent directly to the institution of higher learning at the beginning of the recipient's sophomore year. 

        It is the hopes of Bethany's family that the scholarship will continue for many years to come.   

Recipients of the Bethany Edmondson Scholarship: 
1.  Sarah Elliott - May 3, 2005 
2.  Ethan Edmondson - June 11, 2006 - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
3.  Denise Spencer, Taylor Valarik - June 3, 2007
4.  Leif Jacobsen - June 1, 2008 
5.  There are no qualifying seniors in 2009.
6.   There are no qualifying seniors in 2010.

7.   Nick Doolittle - May 30, 2011 - The University of Virginia
8.  Ben Stevens - May 27, 2012 - Maine Maritime Academy
9.  Stephanie Calas - May 2013 - Mount Holyoke
10. There are no qualifying seniors in 2014.
11. Alyssa Burkard - June 21 2015 - The University of Maine

A cello and violin have also been purchased through donations in memory of Bethany for the Mount Desert Island High School string program.

Bethany Sarah Edmondson - May 2, 1984-April 2, 2004 - age 19.
Bethany was a passenger in a car that was struck head on by a drunk driver in a pick-up truck.  She was killed instantly.  

        Thank you for your kindness.