The Gift of Music

Give the gift of music for the holidays.  

Need some ideas?  Here are Mrs. Edmondson's picks:

- private lessons (click on the lists at left)
- shoulder rest (now they come in colors!) this takes the "ouch" out of
  playing violin/viola and helps to hold the instrument up
- shoulder rest bag (ties on to case handle)
- tuner
- music stand
- dampit
- rosin (I prefer the dark)
- bow master (violin)
- pinkinest
- Don't Fret - fret decal for finger placement
- bow-rite 
- metronome
- new printed music
- CDs for listening
- neon colored cello cookie
- endpin anchors (cello) 
- grip master (cello)
- and for the string player who has everything - a bow with colored hair!